Simplifying space.

The Sky and Space Company rental payload service offers access to satellite capabilities on an as-needs basis.

Used by new space companies, Universities and research institutes, Sky and Space’s Three Diamonds satellites effectively act as space-based research and development labs for hire on a subscription-based plan for telemetry access.

Using a highly flexible approach, with a model designed to ensure payload and operational needs of each client are met, Sky and Space Company facilitates multiple missions being housed on a single satellite, allocating hardware, software and payload to shared users.

The Satellite-as-a-Service suite


The SAS team provides support, supervision and guidance during project development and execution and can develop comprehensive operational procedures to maximise project success.

Environmental data collection

Using onboard magnetometers and sun sensors, SAS can provide near-real time data of the Earth’s magnetic field, on a global scale.

RF communications testing

SAS works with clients to solve bespoke projects and missions including the investigation of new waveforms, the design of new modems, and the design of new communication protocols for one-way and two-way services, tailored for IoT.


The SAS nanosatellite infrastructure supports a range of testing activities including operational software and ADCS testing.

The Sky and Space Global “Three Diamonds” Nanosatellite Network

The Three Diamonds – which have been orbiting since June 2017 – are fully functioning and operational.

Key technical specifications include:

•Nadir pointing using a reaction wheel and magneto-torquers
•Ability also to fly in Ram pointing (90 degree pitch)
•Utilises three onboard processors (OBC – Nanomind 3200, ADCS – Nanomind 3200, SDR – Z7000 SDR with Xilinx Z7030 FPGA)
•Power system supports 2W RF power transmission, 2-Way Inter-Satellite Links, 30 minutes of continous payload activation
•2 Ground Control Stations providing 20 passes each day