Powerful software to support the most complex of missions.

Rapid advances in the hardware capability that supports space missions are occurring. Technology is becoming more complex and powerful.

These advances require the development of powerful and robust software architecture solutions to support hardware capability and to allow full potential to be reached.

SAS proprietary software products for the space sector have been developed, tested and validated in space settings and provide key mission architecture to support space mission needs.

SAS’s powerful and interconnected suite of software subsystems and architecture can provide the backbone for all aspects of space mission activities – from ground control, in-flight/satellite control, and cloud and network functionalities.

A comprehensive software solutions suite.

Payload Management (PMU) Suite

Powerful space segment software and applications installed on nanosatellites, incorporating a suite of modules to power all aspects of on-board satellite and payload operation.

Ground Device Unit (GDU) Suite

Ground segment software installed on end-user ground devices and ground infrastructure points including gateways, ground antenna sites, and mobile devices.

External Network Services (ENS) Suite

Cloud and network segment software to enable data transmission between networks and external servers including customer servers, satellite operation centres and network operation centres in a secure and robust way.

A highly flexible software solution partner.

Sky and Space software solutions are pre-designed but rollout and integration is undertaken using a flexible approach to meet the needs of individual clients and situations. This results in bespoke solutions and system architectures which are tailored for the needs of each mission.

SAS clients benefit from:
• Highly capable and experienced software design engineers and architects
• Full engineering support for SAS products integrations
• Long-term software infrastructure, available to be reused or adapted for future missions.