Outsourced engineering functions for mission success.

With a highly experienced team of qualified aerospace systems engineers, Sky and Space Company provides outsourcing solutions to new space companies – providing technical expertise and a suite of solutions covering all aspects of proposed space missions.

Through professional partnerships with clients, Sky and Space Company enables space-related goals to be met efficiently and effectively, by leveraging the skills of its experienced team with space-proven credentials.

Working with universities, research institutes, start-ups and lean new space companies, the Sky and Space Company outsourcing solution enables projects to be effectively implemented, maximising the likelihood of mission success.

A complete suite of engineering services and capabilities.

Sky and Space provides a comprehensive suite of engineering products and solutions covering all aspects of space mission execution including:

  • Mission scoping and development
  • Requirements engineering and technical writing
  • System /Sub-system design
  • Performance and budget analysis
  • Review preparation and oversight of projects
  • Space mission planning and analysis
  • System verification, validation and functional testing
  • Human-Machine interface design
  • Onboard algorithms and monitoring design
  • GNSS solutions and analysis
  • Satellite insurance and risk analysis consultancy
  • Spacecraft Licensing consultancy